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  • Have strong competitive advantage
  • Developer API for your specific needs
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Features & Benefits

Users will love it!

Google has set the standards of what a good search experience should be. It is no surprise that internet users settle for nothing less. SearchNode helps you keep your site visitors happy – it offers inteligent and fast search with modern features such as autocomplete and "Did you mean?" that your users will love!

Cutting-edge technology

Strong algorithms understand what exactly users search for and provide just relevant results. We operate SaaS model therefore SearchNode solution is remotely hosted on our servers rather than being installed on your hardware. It saves your time, money and employees nerves. If you need any help, our developers are always ready to help you tweak your search to perfection.

A must have for E-commerce

A good search solution is vital for an E-commerce store. On average, visitors who use the search box generate 50% of total revenue. Our customers praise of increased conversion rates from 20% to 200% with SearchNode. Try it out yourself – request a demo for your store and feel the difference.

E-book "Tips about Site-Search for E-commerce"

Read how to improve your site-search (currently only in Lithuanian)

Partnership program

Do you want to join our team?

We are looking for a business developer and sales manager to join our partners program.

If you are business developer, sales manager or person related to E-commerce in all over the world, contact us for more information.

More about

At SearchNode, we aspire to improve and bring big value for our customers. Working in our local market, we validated that our solution works and customers get big value.

Therefore we have decided to establish partners program, where business developers and sales managers related to E-commerce earn money from each closed deal.

Working hours

It is not a full time job. You will not become committed to reach any result. You can just close one deal and earn money from it.


You get a big piece of revenue from deals you closed. Contact us for more details. Terms and conditions are negotiable.